Need more hours in your day

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21st Mar 2018

Need more hours in your day - More qualified leads to convert?

Growing a Start-up, Small to Midsize Enterprise or Non-profit is challenging. For many the following statements ring true…

I am too busy with the day-to-day running of the business instead of working on my business’s vision. I do not have enough time to do marketing!
Business is slow. I feel stuck in a rut with my marketing efforts – they are not showing results!
I feel my marketing efforts are a hit-and-miss affair. My message is not consistent. I am fighting fires, going from deadline to deadline without any long-term planning.
The marketing landscape is changing rapidly. Marketing in a digital world seems complicated with so many choices. I know I must do it, but how?
My marketing team is overworked, but I still have so many great ideas to execute!
I do not have budget to employ a fulltime marketing person with the level of expertise my business requires.